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2022 Finalists

The shortlisted finalists of the 2022 SICC Awards, in no particular order are:

Best Technological Collaboration

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HP Singapore (Private) Limited (ISO BU) and Pixel Automation Pte Ltd
Auto Boxing for Large Ink Bag

In 2018, Large Ink Supply was launched in Singapore where HP Singapore and Pixel Automation automated the process of packaging HP’s high volume ink supplies. This involves assembling a corrugated box tray over the neck of the ink bag, lifting, and inserting the ink bag into a formed carton box before gluing and sealing the box. There were ergonomic concerns around manually lifting and inserting them into the boxes as each ink bag weighs between 3kg to 10kg; thus by automating it, remarkable results were achieved from the productivity to improvement of consistency of box-tray and ink bag subassembly, and more.


Schneider Electric Asia Pte Ltd and ATOMAXR
Safety VR Programme

Schneider Electric’s team of field engineers have to navigate potentially hazardous and unfamiliar settings to service energy management systems for their customers.

With workplace safety being a top priority, Schneider partnered with ATOMAXR to leverage Virtual Reality (VR) technology and innovation in the design and development of hands-on training on on-site safety procedures for their field engineers.

The collaboration started in 2018, and they have extended the success of the training programme to include four custom-created modules. The novel use of VR technology has improved the effectiveness of their field engineers’ training, and enhanced safety standards at Schneider Electric Singapore.


SICK Sensor Intelligence and Siemens Industry Software (Mendix Technology)
5G-powered Smart Maintenance for Smart Manufacturing

The IIoT world used to be split into two siloed halves: Hardware (OT) and Software (IT).

In this project, three elements were integrated: Hardware (IIoT sensors), Software (cloud-based SaaS) and Connectivity (5G), into a productised Total Solution, starting with Predictive Maintenance.

This enables manufacturers to transform rapidly into Smart Manufacturing, and this is done by installing SICK sensors to collect real time machine health and process information. These are automated for analysis-reporting-decision via apps rapidly developed on Mendix low-code, enabled by 5G connectivity. Being highly scalable, SICK and Siemens enabled flexible quick entry into Smart Manufacturing – a key pillar towards SG Smart Nation.


Singapore Management University and Datality Lab
Unlocking the future of communication training through Artificial Intelligence

To develop future-ready graduates in the area of communication, Singapore Management University (SMU) aims to develop students who are ambidextrous in pivoting from conventional communication modes to online modes e.g. online interviews.

In response to the latest developments, SMU partnered with Datality Lab to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing students a platform to improve their oral presentations, interview skills, English proficiency as well as instructors to build their teaching delivery skills etc.

A pilot study has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of multi-cognitive AI in providing personalised recommendations for students in a management communication class. The aim is to progressively expand this project to various scenarios.

Most Scalable Collaboration Most Scalable Collaboration

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ITE College Central TDC and Sport Singapore
Integrated Sensor Gateway for customized IoT solutions

One major thrust in Singapore’s advancement towards being a SMART Nation is the need to shore up companies’ migration towards digitalization. This is the reason that drives ITE’s Technology Development Centre (ITE/TDC) in College Central in developing affordable IoT Solutions that are applicable to most industries without too many disruptions to their on-going business.

The collaborations with Sport Singapore (SportSG) involved the adoption of TDC’s in-house developed IoT Solutions into their existing facilities.


Nanyang Technological University and Tata Consultancy Services
Tech4Good Programme

The Tech4Good Programme is a collaboration between National Technological University (NTU) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to do good for the community by equipping NTU students with digital skills through a series of structured mentorship and training by TCS consultants to learn the necessary tech skills to plug community gaps.

The programme was piloted with the inaugural batch of 17 students in December 2021 during the challenging COVID-19 period and students went through virtual training conducted by TCS consultants and applied their learnings and skills on existing community projects, such as a Pay-it Forward App, Community Garden App and eldercare solutions, under TCS Digital Garage.

The first phase of the programme is completed and the next phase would involve seeking real-life community projects for students to work on through collaboration with community partners. Discussions are currently ongoing with IMDA Singapore Digital Office to scope out the project for digitalization of Singapore Hawkers.


SICK Sensor Intelligence and i4TECH Pte Ltd
Digitalization of Test Facility for Door Closers

The end customer, Dormakaba, wanted a digital solution for recording and monitoring the cycle count of product testing for quality assurance purposes. i4TECH required a tightly coupled sensor and communication device to seamlessly integrate into their data connectivity software and cloud platform. The solution was using SICK’s Inductive Proximity Sensor with IO-Link Gateway to connect and communicate the data. SICK collaborated with i4TECH to source for the right sensor and to achieve the application with knowledge transfer. As a result, i4TECH engineers could easily scale to other gateway units on site and integrate the data to the cloud platform within a few days.

The collaboration led to a solution package which is cost effective, easy to deploy and scalable as proven in the fact that the collaboration continues with go-to-market activities in other industries and beyond Singapore to the ASEAN region.


Singapore American School and Yeap Transport Pte Ltd
Enhancing in-cabin Safety Training for Pastoral Management

Yeap Transport received feedback from Singapore American School’s (SAS) administrators to identify ways to improve rider behaviour to enhance in-cabin safety during bus rides. Yeap Transport trainers collaborated with SAS’ Deans to identify the stress points and solutions to bridge the service gaps. With their guidance, a Visual Cue System using a Flashcard was developed that is aligned to the school’s rules – Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Responsible.

The bus crew would then use the Flashcard to remind riders to behave appropriately, without getting into unnecessary confrontation and power struggles between the crew and riders owing to language barriers and cultural differences.

Most Sustainable Collaboration Most Sustainable Collaboration

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Dow Chemical Pacific (S) Pte Ltd, B.T. Sports Pte Ltd, Sport Singapore, ALBA W&H, Decathlon Singapore Pte Ltd and Standard Chartered Bank
Singapore’s Permanent Shoes Waste Recycling Eco-System

Six organizations (SportSG, Dow, B.T. Sports, Alba-WH, Decathlon and Standard Chartered Bank) came together to sign an MOU to create the world’s first permanent shoes waste recycling eco-system – in which shoe waste is collected from the public and processed as materials for sports infrastructure builds.

Supported by National Environment Agency, the eco-system was launched by Minister Grace Fu on 5 July 2021. In the first eight months (to Feb 2022), 41 metric tonnes (or 148,000 pairs) of shoe waste were saved from being incinerated and landfilled – equivalent to building a 7km running track (of 1m width). This is a true people-private-public sector partnership where everyone collaborated to contribute to this sustainable project to protect the climate, stop wastage and close the loop (circular).


HP Singapore (Private) Limited and Hiverlab
Digital Twin for HP Indigo (SG)

HP Indigo (SG) collaborated with local start-up Hiverlab to deploy the first digital twin platform for ink manufacturing plant which allows the team to capture, organize, and display data related to production including materials wastage, power consumption statistics, carbon footprint analysis. This includes data pertaining to machine processes. The system provides real time insights to improve sustainability and reduced waste production.

The team also opened up the platform to other departments to collaborate. With this first journey into the ink manufacturing sector, Hiverlab has gained insights on how the operations run daily and the essence of ink processing.


National Metrology Centre and Singapore Management University
Self-Diagnosis and Self-Healing Sensor Network for Demand-Controlled Ventilation

A*STAR’s National Metrology Centre (NMC) collaborated with Singapore Management University (SMU) to enhance the energy-efficiency of their building’s ventilation system, funded by Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Building Innovation Cluster R&D grant.

NMC developed a self-diagnosis and self-healing (SDSH) indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor network that can continuously monitor sensor health and automatically compensate for sensor drifts, improving sensor accuracy. Offering localised ventilation control tailored to actual demand, the system improves indoor air quality with 20% more energy savings.

Currently demonstrated at SMU’s Yong Pung How School of Law (B2), it can easily be expanded to cover entire buildings.


Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd and Leanpath Inc
WasteWatch powered by Leanpath

Sodexo has been collaborating with Leanpath on the Sodexo WasteWatch powered by Leanpath programme (WWxLP) since 2008 in the US and 2016 in Singapore. WWxLP leverages Leanpath’s intelligent waste-measurement technology for Sodexo’s kitchen teams to easily collect data on food waste in our food service operations.

Through the WWxLP collaboration, Sodexo uses the suite of Leanpath tools to analyse the data and engages food team members to implement the operational and behavioural changes needed to eliminate excess food waste produced by kitchens or discarded by guests.

Most Transformational Collaboration Most Transformational Collaboration

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Cargo Community Network Pte Ltd and Redkik
Integrated AI On-Demand Insurance and Air Cargo Space e-Booking

CUBEforall, an open data platform by CCN, aims to promote data collaboration within its global air cargo users and best of breed third-party service providers, like Redkik. The use case with Redkik, a leading insurance provider, is to provide instant, on-demand cargo insurance solutions using AI and machine learning. With this service integrated on the CUBE, it can tap on shipment data that is already available. When the user sends a cargo space booking using Booking Concierge app on CUBE, the same shipment data can be re-used with Redkik for the insurance quote. What this means to the users is that they can purchase shipment insurance instantly with the quote based on the actual value and shipment needs.

Say goodbye to tedious processes and expensive annual policies.


HP Singapore (Private) Limited and Mega Plus Technology Pte Ltd
Automated Ser4-FG Pallet Protector and Packaging

This project uses robots to perform the placement of corner protectors and top cover on the finished goods pallets under a stringent cosmetic requirement on the products and constraint palletizing area. This collaboration disrupted a traditionally manpower-intensive and mechanical design packaging solution with innovative technology and solutions.


National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), Certact Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Employees’ Union (AMEU),
Company Training Committee – Supporting transformation through Union-Company partnership

To sustain its transformation efforts during Covid-19, Certact Engineering unionized with the Advanced Manufacturing Employees’ Union (AMEU) in May 2020 and formed a Company Training Committee (CTC) to review its workforce and core capabilities.

Leveraging on the CTC with support from the NTUC Training & Placement Ecosystem, Certact developed a 5-year business strategy through the Operations Technology Roadmap (OTR) process, increased its workforce through placement programmes and tapped on productivity grants to upgrade capabilities. Through this collaboration, the company was able to expand into new markets, diversify its offerings, innovate processes and build its talent pool.


ZF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Absolute Yacht Services Pte Ltd and ELH Tech (S) Pte Ltd
Customer excellence beyond EOL

ZF gearboxes have been used for over 25 years and the manufacturing for some components within the gearbox has ceased due to new versions being introduced and upgrading of existing fleet by owners.

Absolute Yacht Service (AYS), an Approved Service Partner (ASP) of ZF, services a niche market of pleasure crafts where high customization and customer support is vital for success. During a discussion, ZF shared the challenges of parts availability and inventory and the possibility of addictive manufacturing for a solution surfaced.

Subsequently AYS approached ELH to understand and explore options for this collaboration.