2020 Finalists

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2020 Finalists

The shortlisted finalists of the 2020 SICC Awards, in no particular order are:

Best Green Collaboration Best Green Collaboration

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BIMA – Bosch Intelligent Microgrid Controller
By Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd & Airetec Pte Ltd​

BIMA provides an innovative cloud-based energy management for industries in Asia. It aims to solve the regional energy problems of high cost of energy, unreliable power and poor sustainability. For the target segment, energy is a major component of the production costs. BIMA will offer users more than 20% energy cost reduction by optimising the energy usage through machine learning and transparency via cloud connectivity. The combination of AI expertise of Bosch and hardware expertise of Airetec enabled the development of this intelligent and compatible solution.


Co-Innovating in Singapore – Infineon Technologies and Ampotech
By Infineon Technologies AP Pte Ltd & Ampotech Pte Ltd​

Infineon has hosted Ampotech at its Co-Innovation Space (COINS) for one year, and they have jointly developed the next generation Ampohub product. This product is used in buildings to measure electricity and energy consumption which is then logged and analysed. This process makes it easier to control consumption and proactively avoid unnecessary consumption. Data security is a big topic and is the main reason driving the collaboration between Ampotech and Infineon. The Ampohub uses the OPTIGA™ TPM from Infineon to guarantee data security.


Sustainability in action: Solar Photovoltaic System at Kimberly-Clark
By Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. & Sunseap Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Kimberly-Clark embarked on a journey to be a highly energy-efficient mill. It has gone through various energy saving programs that have resulted in energy reduction of 8% in the last 3 years. In its continued quest towards energy efficiency, Kimberly Clark Asia Pacific initiated a 2.9 MWp roof solar photo voltaic (PV) plant, which will generate 84 GWHr of renewable energy over a period of 25 years, substituting 15% of conventional energy annually and reducing 1,614 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative supports its sustainability 2022 (Energy and Climate) goals and Singapore’s commitments on climate actions.


Towards Circularity: Recycling Used Sports & School Shoes into Running Tracks
By Dow & Sport Singapore

Imagine giving a second life to a pair of used sport shoes?

Instead of disposing used sports and school shoes, Dow and Sport Singapore are recycling them into running tracks. This reduces greenhouse gas emission from incinerating shoes and adding to landfills.

Using shoes granules as base layer of running tracks reduces the use of potentially hazardous(1) rubber tire granules. The shoes granules bounded using solvent-free and water-based binder technologies are also safer alternatives to conventional solvent-based binders. As a total system, this presents safer and more sustainable running tracks for the community.

21,000 pairs of shoes were donated by the public, creating a sense of ownership and promoting a meaningful showcase for a more sustainable Singapore.

(1) Based on Guobiao standards, Chinese national standards issued by the Standardization Administration of China

Best Technological Collaboration

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Digital Twin Technology
By SATS Ltd & Dassault Systèmes Pte Ltd​

SATS collaborated with Dassault to optimise the use of resources in its kitchens via Digital Twin Technology. This platform allows SATS to capture valuable digital data such as culinary insights and experience of its chefs, enabling them to reproduce the same recipe faithfully for the delight of diners. In addition, the introduction of new machinery and production lines can be simulated through comprehensive 3D processes in a virtual environment. This allows SATS to better understand the potential impact on its operations and identify critical points of failure, ensuring adjustments are made before the actual deployment.


First-of-its-kind video interaction technology to optimise motor claims process
By MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. & Merimen Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd​

MSIG Singapore harnessed the technological know-how of Merimen and Wavecell to co­innovate a video chat survey to speed up motor claims process. Termed TrueSight Interactive Video, the video interaction technology is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore to be implemented for industry use.

The technology has enabled MSIG Singapore to reduce its turnaround time for claims assessment and survey cost by 80% and 88% respectively.

Following a five-month pilot programme which started in early 2019, MSIG Singapore has implemented the TrueSight Interactive Video as a permanent function, and the technology is now made available to the market.


Ultrafast, Resilient, Low Latency and Efficient Trading Platform
By Spark Systems Pte Ltd & Dymon Asia​

In 2013, Singapore surpassed Tokyo to be the world’s third largest foreign exchange trading hub – after London and New York – and there are already many proprietary foreign exchange platforms there. However, these platforms are still housed in Tokyo, London and New York despite Singapore surpassing Tokyo in total FX volume traded.

Dymon Asia has worked with Spark Systems to help incubate its platform by being its key and beta testing client.

In doing so, Spark Systems can provide a platform connected from Singapore and avoiding latency issues to Tokyo, London and New York.


Wine-picking robot helps out at Changi’s DFS
By Changi Airport Group, Temasek Polytechnic & Softbank Telecom Singapore Pte Ltd​

Through observations, on-ground feedback and surveys, Changi Airport Group found that many arriving passengers would like to purchase duty-free wine but do not know where to start, given the large selection available. Hence, the idea of an intelligent wine recommendation assistant which leverages on Pepper, the social robot, was born.

Capitalising on Temasek Polytechnic’s deep wine knowledge and SoftBank Telecom Singapore’s social robotics capabilities, the collaboration aims to make the wine selection process hassle-free and intuitive for passengers. Passengers are required to answer four simple non-intrusive and everyday questions about food preferences to understand their palate for wine. Once completed, Pepper will recommend a personalised list of wines that are tailored to their individual preferences.

Most Scalable Collaboration Most Scalable Collaboration

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By Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd & PT Sumber Alam Segara​

Shrimp is a high-value product with significant market potential in Southeast Asia – the largest shrimp exporter in the world. However, intensive shrimp farms are struggling with various problems daily, which contribute to inconsistent practices and loss of profit. Bosch has developed AquaEasy, an IoT solution which seamlessly merges hardware, software and artificial intelligence with the help of the Bosch IoT framework. AquaEasy provides farm operators with accurate, reliable data, valuable insights, and increased efficiency for a progressively industrialised farm environment.


Digital Transformation: Creating Connected Buildings with Conversational IoT
By Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd & UIB Holdings Pte Ltd​

Bosch and UIB saw a gap in the Facilities Management market in Singapore and internationally. While there is no shortage of standalone hardware that system integrators can pull together for property owners who want the benefits of digital transformation, there was no single “smart building” solution that offered best-in-class hardware, platform, interoperability with multiple manufacturers’ products (as every building has sensors, systems, equipment, and software from many different vendors). There is also a lack of a single, conversational interface that works with any connected device or system with an API, any communications channel (including WhatsApp), any language, voice and text, and with any Natural Language Processor Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Industry 4.0 in Action – Deploying AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) at K-C.
By Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. & Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Manual driven forklifts would usually handle finished goods from the end of the machine line, transport the goods to the warehouse for organising, storage and shipping. Recent operational expansions, growth in volume and an increase in machine speeds have resulted in faster output speeds. The integration of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) were targeted at optimising workflows, increasing productivity and safety while reducing rising labour costs.


SME Go Automation: With SME for SME
By Schneider Electric Singapore Pte Ltd & ServoConnect System Asia Pte Ltd​

The SME Go Automation Project is an initiative launched by Schneider Electric Singapore in collaboration with ServoConnect to help SMEs overcome their industrial automation challenges.​

The initiative includes the development of useful content for SMEs and conducting an Innovation Talk Event to offer practical advice on how SMEs can automate their business. The goal is to partner SMEs and create a platform for other SMEs to jump start their digital transformation journey.

Most Transformational Collaboration Most Transformational Collaboration

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Equal Opportunities, Equal Participation!
By Aegis Building & Engineering Pte Ltd, ASTON Food & Beverage Specialities Pte Ltd & Association for Persons with Special Needs​

The traditional image of education is transformed when trainees with mild intellectual disability from Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) are offered training and employment opportunities in the non-traditional service industry at Aegis. In collaboration with Aegis and ASTONS, APSN also created a simulating, person-centred customised training environment characterised by a combination of theory and practical work, and an apprenticeship system to help trainees to succeed.

The innovation transformed the mindsets for how and what works for disabled people in relation to accessibility and improved integrated employment.


Liqui Moly LMSVP Appointment Booking System & #iuseit loyalty program
By Liqui Moly Asia Pacific Pte Ltd & MyTeamConnector Software Pte Ltd

The collaboration achieved a completed integration of ERP internal Data which converts into data that is highly useful to consumers and B2B partners. The value chain of Liqui Moly and its customers is now visible and useful to consumers and has created Asia’s largest network of Automotive Workshops. It enables the consumer to book appointments with more than 5,000 workshops and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of deal merchant partners across ASEAN via a membership loyalty programme. Site traffic reached more than 250,000 within six months of launch which validates the success of the collaboration.


Tru-Marine – Singapore Aero Engine Services (SAESL) Mentorship Programme
By Tru-Marine Pte Ltd & Singapore Aero Engine Services (SAESL) Pte Ltd

The Tru-Marine-SAESL Mentorship Programme is a structured learning journey comprising of regular contact time between mentor and mentee. The substantial learning will allow Tru-Marine to gain comprehension of SAESL’s operational excellence and progressively deliver better value through increased efficiencies.

With Tru-Marine’s reclamation technologies mirroring those of SAESL’s engine overhaul and component repair for the aerospace industry, the Mentorship allows the mentee to cross reference more stringent quality benchmarks to elevate its service delivery and exceed current industry expectations.