Award Categories

Most Transformational Collaboration

This award honours the collaboration that results in the biggest gains in the areas of increased capacity, value creation, productivity improvements, revenue growth and/or return on investments.

Most Scalable Collaboration

This award recognises the collaboration with the methodology or process which can be most easily transferred within the same industry and/or across industries.

Best Technological Collaboration

This award honours the collaborative project that best harnesses the power of technology to positively disrupt the status quo to innovate processes, products or services and, thus, create new value for the collaborators and their customers.

Best Green Collaboration

This award category celebrates the collaborative project that results in the most positive impact on the environment. It is open to all collaborations which achieve either a reduced carbon footprint, less pollution, conserve resources, reduce waste, preserve wildlife or achieve circular production models.



The collaborative project must involve two or more companies at least one of which must be registered and based in Singapore. The collaboration should achieve at least one of the following objectives:


  • Knowledge transfer between companies

  • Capability upgrading

  • Development and roll out of innovative products and services


Judging Criteria


  • What problem is the project trying to solve?

  • How important is the problem?

  • What was innovative about the solution that was developed to solve the problem?

Execution Strategy

  • What were the challenges in executing the solution?

  • What were the important milestones?



  • What are the gains that have accrued to each party through this engagement in the areas of productivity improvements, revenue improvements, new products and customer markets, and/or return on investments?


Capability Development

  • What was the value created in terms of product, people and/or processes?

  • What were the important lessons learnt?


  • Is the innovation created transferable within the industry?

  • Is the innovation created transferable across industries?


How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations for 2020 SICC Awards are closed. 

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Each collaboration may choose up to a maximum of two award categories and submit concise and complete answers to the eight simple questions that can be found in the nomination form. Please e-mail the completed nomination form  to together with the following:

  • Company logos of all collaborators

  • High resolution images and/or videos relevant to the nomination

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle